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Embroidery has always been a deservedly popular hobby. It stimulates the imagination and at the same time provides an island of clam in the midst of a hussle-bussle world. Some may just need a refresher course. There will be sixteen stitches: Stem/Outline, Back stitch, Chevron, Herringbone, Chain, Turkey Work, Blanket Stitch, Lazy Daisy, French Knots, Straight, Satin, Seeding, Fishbone, Buttonhole Wheel, Spider Web Rose, & Cross Hatching (Cross).

Cost: $ 35.00
Want to build your confidence in machine quilting? Well this is the class to solve that problem. Learn or improve your stitching in the ditch and free motion machine quilting technique by quilting any quilt panel. We will finish the quilting, learn how to make and apply machine binding. WHAHOO! Finished project. Use it on your front door as a door hanger. If you don?t have a person to give this quilt to, you may want to donate it to Project Linus.

Cost: $ 35.00
Would you like a great foundation for quilting. In every class we play with color. We will start with fundamentals: accurate rotary cutting, machine piecing, fusible appliqu?, how to set the blocks in rows, attaching borders. Back, & batting and binding. This quilt will be machine pieced and quilted. There will be homework.

Cost: $ 75.00
Have you ever wanted a way to honor a loved one or a pet? Well using my Layered Technique, you can do such a thing. You need to have taken one of my classes so that you know the process somewhat, then select your favorite picture. Email it to at least 1 week prior to the class. Together we can turn the impossible into a reality.

Cost: $ 70.00
This pattern uses colored pencils, blending stumps, and textile #100 colorless Extender that is the instructions in the pattern. Once the Extender is used it leaves the fabric wet over night. I will be demonstrating this technique. We will also Crayola color & heat set so we can do the embroidery stitches in class. You will need to trace the needle case pattern twice, one for each technique.

Cost: $ 35.00
Come join us for the Oklahoma Shuffle quilt class. This is a fabulous quilt for a quick gift you have to make for someone. It's a great man quilt or can easily be converted to a baby quilt. It is one of the most versatile quilts to make. If you are embroidery person, you there are plenty of blocks that would be perfect for embroidery. This quilt is perfect for the beginning quilter and up. It is a great quilt for that last minute gift and can be made in a weekend. Cathy has made this quilt more than 15 times. Need a quilt for a charity event? This is your quilt. A huge advantage is that you will be cutting the quilt out on custom dies that are used with Cathy's Accuquilt Studio. A little history on the quilt. This quilt was designed by a school teacher in Oklahoma and was passed down to Sally Bridges in Prosper. She made it for many people in Prosper and the pattern was passed to different people in the town. When Cathy decided to make a quilt for her daughter for college graduation, Sally recommended this one and the rest is history. Cathy has re-written the pattern so, as she says, her brain can understand it better along with diagrams. We think you will want to use this quilt as your GO-TO quilt for fast, quick gifts. Hope you enjoy.

Cost: $ 45.00
You will be amazed at how quick this quilt comes together. Pick your fabric for a dynamic look for a low volume look. Use your imagination to create a wide range of looks just for you.

Cost: $ 40.00
This class will be specifically for the Peppermint Collage Pattern only.

Cost: $ 45.00
Sashiko is a striking hand-sewing technique that originated in ancient Japan that started out of practical need during the Edo era (1615-1868). In Japanese, its name means ?little stabs??a reference to the plain running stitch, a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery). There are four key materials to Sashiko ? needle, thread, thimble and fabric. As you?ll see, no embroidery hoop is necessary, which makes Sashiko a very portable craft. ... As you?ll see, a long needle is necessary to the Sashiko embroidery technique. This class will give you a good foundation of straight line and curves to do any of the kits at The Quilt Asylum, Van Alstyne.

Cost: $ 35.00
Have you always wanted to make a Pineapple Block Quilt. Well, here it is as easy as it gets. Planned or scrappy, it is easy to cut using the fat quarter friendly cutting chart The Creative Grid Pineapple Trim Tool Ruler makes 6?, 8?, or 10? Blocks. I chose from my Christmas stash to make 20 each 10? blocks. You can use any theme fabrics.

Cost: $ 35.00
Do you need designated time and space to work on your projects? Bring your projects and treat yourself uninterrupted work time. The $5 registration fee will be applied to any purchases made that day. THE REGISTRATION FEE IS NON TRANSFERABLE AND NON REFUNDABLE.

Cost: $ 5.00
Do you have a Laura Heine collage pattern and don't know where to start? Join Cathy Miller as she guides you through everything you need to know to create a beautiful collage quilt. We have large selection of patterns and floral fabrics to help you get started.

Cost: $ 45.00
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